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K C Suryanarayana Iyer

Sri R Swaminathan, Advocate - High Court, Madras

Honorary Editors
Sri P B Sahasranaman, Advocate - High Court, Kerala
Sri. Ashwini Mata, Senior Advocate - High Court, Delhi
Sri. M.T. Nanaiah, Senior Advocate - High Court, Karnataka

The CDJ Law Journal established in the year 2001 started to publish THE COMPLETE DIGITAL JUDGMENTS (CDJ) consisting of all the reportable judgments of Supreme Court of India and various High courts, daily through website, www.cdjlawjournal.com .

The publishing of judgments in the form of online enables us to report all the judgments directed to be reported by the Hon'ble Apex Court and Hon'ble High Courts, hence our subscribers are at an advantageous position since they have all the judgments at their disposal and there is no question of unreported judgments. The motto of our organisation is to serve the judiciary by presenting all the latest judgments and also present a comprehensive digest of all the judgments and thereby render a fast track case law analysis.